Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Product Key License - FQC-08929 Pro Instant cdkey


Windows 10 Professional Pro for WORKSTATION Edition 64bit  Genuine License Key Product Code

What is Windows 10 for Workstation?

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is the newest member of the Windows 10 family and comes with powerful features, most of which are lacking in the previous editions. This high-performance edition of Windows 10 Pro is designed for power users who aim to use Windows 10 on high-performance, server grade software.

As such, it comes equipped with full support for server grade PC hardware, which makes it the best-suited edition to handle intensive workloads and most demanding tasks. Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is, therefore, ideal for advanced users looking to deploy workstation computers in highly demanding and critical work.

  • Advanced Features Listed below - Google for Details.
  • Expanded Hardware Support - 4CPU + 6TB RAM
  • Faster File Sharing - SMB Direct – a feature borrowed from Windows Server.
  • Persistent Memory - support for NVDIMM-N hardware
  • Resilient File System (ReFS) - Storage Spaces, ReFS can detect corrupt data and repair it or replace it with a clean copy from another drive


Will be sent after purchase.

Use Rufus tool to burn to a Fast USB. Using USB to install instead of OLDER DVD / CD will speed up your install 3 to 4 times. USB can be written with latest versions of the ISO. The DVD still had the original version and need to update after the install to the current versions. THis takes a LOT of time depending on your hardware. So write this ISO to USB and do a fresh install.

Customer Reviews

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Avoid! doesn't work and they won't give me a refund

Key didn't work. they said I needed to download another version, but the link they sent was dead. Asked for a refund and they ignored my request! poor customer service!

Ahmed Khan

Microsoft has said these keys are MSDN keys, and expire every month. The keys the seller is giving you are expired keys that cannot be reactivated and are not valid anymore. I am currently trying to get paypal to refund me because the seller is refusing to refund.

Kevin Burton
Windows 10 Pro Workstation

I’ve stupidly fallen for this twice now. On both occasions the product key is ALREADY in USE. Consequently the only sensible thing to do was buy a genuine copy.

Akhil Patel
This is an pirated copy

Terrible Microsoft have told me these keys were being overused and pirated so they blocked them. You have refused to refund me.

Didn't work for me.

Windows 10 key did not work

Windows 10 key did not work. I sent a video to the support showing the exact code copied from the received email and pasted into the activation settings and the error code that comes from that which shows that the code is invalid/incorrect. Support replied once with generic and basic activation troubleshooter entirely ignoring the video which showed the code was wrong, and after replying to that, I have not heard back.