How To Set Up Skype Meeting In Outlook 365?

Are you looking to set up a Skype meeting in Outlook 365? With the ubiquity of Microsoft Office, it is no surprise that Outlook 365 is the go-to for scheduling and organizing meetings. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to set up a Skype meeting in Outlook 365. In this article, you’ll learn the steps you need to take to get your Skype meeting up and running. From creating a meeting to inviting attendees and connecting via Skype, you’ll be a master of Skype meetings in no time. So let’s get started!

How to Set Up Skype Meeting in Outlook 365?


How to Set Up Skype Meeting in Outlook 365?

Skype for Business is a communication platform used by businesses and individuals to chat and video conference. It is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of services and is a great way to connect with colleagues, customers, and partners. If you use Outlook 365, then you can set up a Skype for Business meeting within Outlook. This article will explain how to do so.

Step 1: Launch Outlook 365

The first step is to launch Outlook 365 on your computer. Look for the Outlook 365 icon on your desktop, or find the application in your Start Menu. Once Outlook 365 is open, you will be able to create a new Skype Meeting.

Step 2: Create a New Skype Meeting

To create a new Skype Meeting, first open a new email within Outlook 365. Click the “New Email” button, located in the top left corner of the Outlook window. From here, click the “Meeting” tab and select “Skype Meeting”. This will open a new window with options for creating your Skype Meeting.

Step 3: Enter Meeting Details

In the new window, you will be able to enter the details of your Skype Meeting. Enter the date and time of the meeting, the subject, and any other relevant information. If you wish to add any additional attendees, you can do so in the “To” field. When you are finished, click “Send”.

Step 4: Invite Attendees

Once you have clicked “Send”, Outlook 365 will send out invitations to all of the attendees you have added. These invitations will include a link that the attendees can click to join the meeting. You can also include a short message with the invitation if you wish.

Step 5: Join the Meeting

When it is time for the meeting, you can join the call by clicking the link included in the invitation. This will open the Skype Meeting window, where you can chat and video conference with the other attendees. You can also share your screen, or use the whiteboard to collaborate with the other meeting participants.

Step 6: Manage the Meeting

Once the meeting has started, you will be able to manage the meeting from within the Skype Meeting window. This includes muting and unmuting attendees, as well as sharing your screen or sending files. You can also use the chat box to send messages to all of the attendees.

Step 7: End the Meeting

When the meeting is finished, you can click the “End Meeting” button to end the call. This will end the call for all of the attendees.

Step 8: View Meeting Details

Once the meeting is over, you can view the details of the meeting in the Outlook Calendar. This includes the time, date, and duration of the meeting, as well as which attendees were present. You can use this information to track the progress of your Skype Meetings.

Step 9: Download Meeting Records

If you wish to keep a record of the meeting, you can download a transcript or recording. Outlook 365 will allow you to download audio and video recordings of the meeting, as well as transcripts of the chat messages that were sent during the call.

Step 10: Share Meeting Files

Finally, you can share any files that were used during the meeting. This includes documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and any other files that were shared during the meeting. You can share these files with the other attendees, or download them to your computer for later use.

Related Faq

What is Skype Meeting?

Skype Meeting is a free online meeting service from Microsoft that allows you to connect with others from anywhere in the world. It enables you to host or join meetings, share your screen with others, and even record your meetings for later playback. Skype Meeting is integrated with Microsoft Outlook 365, so you can easily set up a meeting with just a few clicks.

How to Set Up Skype Meeting in Outlook 365?

Setting up a Skype Meeting in Outlook 365 is easy. First, open your Outlook calendar and select the “New Skype Meeting” button. You can then choose the date, time, and participants for the meeting. Once you have done that, you can customize the meeting settings to meet your needs, such as adding a video or audio conference. Finally, click “Send” to invite your participants and the meeting will be scheduled.

What are the Benefits of Setting Up Skype Meeting in Outlook 365?

Setting up a Skype Meeting in Outlook 365 has several benefits. First, it allows you to easily connect with colleagues, clients, and customers around the world. Additionally, it gives you the ability to share your screen with others, record your meetings, and even share files. Furthermore, by scheduling a Skype Meeting in Outlook 365, you can easily manage your calendar and keep track of your upcoming meetings.

What is Required to Set Up Skype Meeting in Outlook 365?

In order to set up a Skype Meeting in Outlook 365, you will need an active Outlook 365 account with access to the Skype for Business feature. Additionally, you will need an internet connection, a microphone and speakers, and a webcam if you plan on hosting a video conference.

Are There Any Limitations When Setting Up Skype Meeting in Outlook 365?

Yes, there are some limitations to setting up Skype Meeting in Outlook 365. For example, you can only host meetings with up to 250 participants. Additionally, you will not be able to record meetings that exceed 10 hours in length. Furthermore, you cannot share files larger than 25MB when hosting a Skype Meeting.

Setting up Skype meetings in Outlook 365 couldn’t be easier. With just a few simple steps, you can host video and audio meetings with colleagues, clients and partners. Gone are the days of complicated conferencing technology and frustrating setup procedures. Now, you can connect with your team from anywhere, any time and from any device. Skype meetings have revolutionized the way we do business and opened up a world of communication possibilities. Now, it’s time to make the most of it.