How To Retract Email On Outlook?

Are you in a situation where you need to retract an email that you sent using Outlook? Whether you sent an email with an accidental attachment, the wrong recipient, or incorrect information, you can easily retract the email to prevent potential issues. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do this quickly and efficiently.

How to Retract Email on Outlook?

Retracting Emails on Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that is used by millions of people across the globe. It’s a powerful tool for managing emails, contacts and calendars. It also offers features such as retracting sent emails. Retracting emails is a useful feature to have when you’ve sent an email and realize you made a mistake or sent it to the wrong person. In this article, we’ll look at how to retract emails on Outlook.

Understanding How Email Retraction Works

When you retract an email in Outlook, the email is removed from the recipient’s inbox. However, the recipient may still have access to the email depending on the email client they are using. For example, if the recipient is using an email client that supports email archiving, they may still be able to access the email. Additionally, the recipient may have already opened and read the email before you retract it. For these reasons, it’s important to understand that retracting an email is not always a guarantee that the recipient won’t be able to see it.

How to Retract Emails on Outlook

In order to retract emails on Outlook, you must have an account with, Microsoft Exchange, or Office 365. Once you have an account, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Sent Items Folder

Open the Sent Items folder in Outlook and find the email you want to retract.

Step 2: Right Click on the Email

Right click on the email and select the “Retract” option.

Step 3: Confirm Retraction

Confirm that you want to retract the email by clicking on the “Retract” button.

Retracting Emails from a Mobile Device

If you’re using the Outlook mobile app, you can retract emails from your mobile device. To do this, open the Outlook app on your device and open the Sent Items folder. Select the email you want to retract and tap on the three dots icon. Select the “Retract” option and confirm that you want to retract the email.

Retracting Emails from Outlook Web Access

If you’re using Outlook Web Access, you can retract emails from your web browser. To do this, open the Sent Items folder and select the email you want to retract. Click on the “Actions” button and select the “Retract” option. Confirm that you want to retract the email by clicking on the “Retract” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Outlook Email Retraction?

An Outlook Email Retraction is a feature that allows you to recall an email message that you have sent to a recipient. This feature is available in some versions of Outlook and allows you to retract an email after it has been sent. This is useful if you sent the message to the wrong person, if you included incorrect information, or if you simply want to retract the message for any other reason.

What Versions of Outlook Support Email Retraction?

Email retraction is available in Outlook 2016 and Outlook for Office 365. It is also available in and Outlook for Mac 2011 and above.

How Do You Retract an Email in Outlook?

To retract an email in Outlook, open the sent Items folder, select the message you would like to retract, and then click Retract on the Home tab. You will be prompted to confirm the retraction and the email will be retracted from the intended recipient’s mailbox.

What Happens When You Retract an Email?

When you retract an email, it is removed from the mailbox of the intended recipient. The recipient will receive a message notifying them that the message has been retracted and they will no longer be able to view the message.

Are Recipients Notified When an Email is Retracted?

Yes, when an email is retracted, the recipient will be notified that the message has been retracted. This notification will be sent to the recipient’s email address and will include a brief explanation of why the message was retracted.

Can You Retract an Email That Has Already Been Read?

Yes, you can retract an email that has already been read by the recipient. However, it is important to note that the recipient will still have a copy of the message, even if it is no longer in their mailbox. Therefore, it is important to use caution when sending sensitive information via email.

How to Recall sent email message in Outlook – Office 365

In conclusion, retracting an email on Outlook can be a very useful tool to help you avoid sending emails you didn’t mean to send. It’s easy to do, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. So the next time you need to retract an email, you’ll know exactly what to do.