How To Close Skype Account?

Are you looking for a way to close your Skype account? Skype is a popular communication platform, but sometimes you may need to close your account to protect your privacy or if you are no longer using the service. In this guide, we will explain to you the simple steps on how to close your Skype account.

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How to Close Skype Account?

Skype is a popular video and voice communication service used by millions of people all over the world. It is an easy, convenient and free way to stay connected with friends and family. But sometimes you may want to close your Skype account for various reasons, such as security or privacy issues, or just to take a break from using the service.

Steps to Close Skype Account

Closing your Skype account is not a difficult task and can be done in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Open Skype Account

The first step is to open the Skype account you wish to close. You can do this by logging in to your Skype account or by creating a new account.

Step 2: Open Skype Settings

Once you have opened your Skype account, you need to open the Skype settings. This can be done by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the Skype window.

Step 3: Find Close Account Option

Once you have opened the Skype settings, you need to find the “Close account” option. This option is usually located in the “General” tab of the settings window.

Step 4: Follow Instructions

The “Close account” option will provide you with instructions on how to close your Skype account. These instructions will vary depending on the type of account you have and the services you are using.

Step 5: Check Email

After following the instructions, you will receive an email confirming that your account has been closed. You should check your email to make sure that the account has been successfully closed.

Step 6: Delete Skype Data

You should also delete any data associated with your Skype account, such as photos, videos, contacts, and messages. This can be done by going to the “Data” tab in the Skype settings and deleting all of the data associated with your account.

Step 7: Uninstall Skype

If you are no longer using Skype, you should also uninstall the application from your device. This can be done by going to the “Apps” section of your device settings and uninstalling the Skype application.

Step 8: Delete Skype Account

Finally, you should delete your Skype account from the Skype website. To do this, go to the Skype website and log in with your username and password. Then, click the “Delete account” button and follow the instructions to delete your account.

Step 9: Confirm Deletion

Once you have deleted your account, you should receive an email confirming the deletion. You should check your email to make sure that the account has been successfully deleted.

Step 10: Check Skype Status

Once you have deleted your account, you should check the Skype website to make sure that your account is no longer listed. If your account is still listed, then you may need to contact the Skype support team to have it removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skype?

Skype is a telecommunications application that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices, and the Xbox One console. It is one of the most popular communication services available, with millions of users worldwide.

With Skype, you can make voice and video calls, exchange messages and files, and even share your computer’s screen with other users. It is available for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

How do I close my Skype account?

In order to close your Skype account, you must first sign in to your account. Once signed in, click on the “Settings” icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then, click on the “Account” tab and select “Close your account”. You will then be prompted to enter your reason for closing the account. After confirming your decision, your account will be closed and all of your personal information will be deleted.

You can also close your account by going directly to the Skype account closure page and following the instructions there. It is important to note that once your account is closed, all of your contacts, messages, and other personal information will be permanently deleted from Skype’s servers.

Can I reactivate my Skype account?

Once your Skype account has been closed, it cannot be reactivated. All of your contacts, messages, and other personal information will be permanently deleted from Skype’s servers. However, you can create a new account and start using Skype again.

If you have any active subscriptions associated with your account, you will need to contact Skype customer service in order to cancel them. This can be done by visiting the Skype Help Center and selecting the “Contact us” option.

What happens to my Skype Credit when I close my account?

When you close your Skype account, any remaining Skype Credit in your account will be permanently lost. Before closing your account, it is recommended that you use up any remaining Skype Credit or transfer it to another account.

To transfer your Skype Credit, sign in to your account and select the “Account” tab. Then, click on the “Transfer balance” option and follow the on-screen instructions. You can transfer Skype Credit to any other Skype account, even if that account is not associated with your email address.

Is it possible to delete Skype messages?

Yes, it is possible to delete Skype messages. To do so, simply open the conversation and select the message you would like to delete. Then, click on the “Delete” button and confirm your selection.

If you would like to delete an entire conversation, you can do so by selecting the conversation and clicking on the “Delete conversation” option. Keep in mind that once a conversation is deleted, it cannot be recovered. It is also important to note that deleted messages are not removed from the recipient’s device, so it is best to delete messages as soon as possible.

In conclusion, closing your Skype account is a quick and easy process. All you need to do is access your account settings, select the “Close your account” option, and confirm the action. Once you have done this, you will no longer be able to access your Skype account or communicate with other Skype users. With this simple process, you can easily close your Skype account and reclaim your privacy.